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Cosmetic Dentistry
Boise, ID

Three young Boise, ID women smiling about their teeth whitening by their dentist at Water's Edge Dental in Boise, IDHere at Water's Edge Dental in Boise, ID we want all of our patients to be happy with their smile, which is why we place so much emphasis on quality cosmetic dentistry. If you feel like your smile is lacking some aesthetic value, we can give it the push it needs to look fabulous! From alignment issues to simple teeth whitening procedures, we can give you the aesthetic you want, fast! Just give us a call at (208) 391-8554 to arrange your no-obligation consultation, and we will be more than happy to help you achieve a smile of your dreams.

Clear Correct

Want to straighten your teeth without big, clunky braces getting in the way? We can help with Clear Correct! Clear correct uses a series of custom-made clear plastic aligners that fit over your teeth and gradually move them into the correct position. As your teeth move, we change out the alignment trays and continue the progression.
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Misaligned teeth can mess up an otherwise beautiful smile and braces a great way to wrangle your teeth into the correct position. With braces, we can fix a wide range of alignment and spacing issues. We can even help guide un-erupted teeth into the correct position using braces.
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Teeth Whitening

Our most popular cosmetic dental option is teeth whitening, and for a good reason. Professional teeth whitening is fast and produces stellar results when compared to any other teeth whitening product. Stop trying to whiten your teeth with toothpaste and mouthwash that promise great results and never deliver!
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Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain veneers are a fantastic way to completely overhaul the aesthetic of your smile. Veneers are usually made of very thin strips of porcelain that are made to fit over the front and top of your teeth. The decision to have veneers placed means a permanent re-shaping of your natural teeth, so it’s not a decision to approach lightly.

Veneers can fix alignment issues, make teeth appear larger or smaller, help with spacing issues, and can even alter the color of your teeth. Veneers are even good at fixing cracked and chipped teeth, restoring their look and feel.
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Soft Tissue Laser

The soft tissue laser allows us to perform procedures that would normally require significant recovery time and cause irritation to the patient in a much easier way. Instead of cutting the gums or other soft tissues in the mouth with a metal tool like a scalpel, we can remove it using a laser, which causes less irritation and bleeding, and allows for greatly reduced recovery times.

If you have what many refer to as a “gummy smile” we can perform a gum reshaping/recontouring procedure that will expose more of your teeth from below the gumline. This procedure produces beautiful results that patients are always pleased with.
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Cosmetic Dental Bonding

When you have a tooth that is poorly shaped, cracked, or chipped, we are usually able to restore it quickly and at a low cost using cosmetic dental bonding. Dental bonding uses the same composite bonding resin that we use in tooth-colored fillings to restore the appearance of your teeth.

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