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Dental Implant Restoration
Boise, ID

Single tooth dental implant by Boise Dentist Water's Edge DentalBecause ensuring that your teeth are in good condition is so important to your overall well-being and physical health, it is no surprise that our dentists work so hard to keep your mouth in great shape, regardless of the issue at hand. Sometimes, for example, a patient might need a tooth extracted due to trauma or decay. When that happens, our dentists might decide to place a dental implant to help maintain the mouth’s structural integrity. And while implants are hardy and long-lasting, sometimes they might eventually need restoration. At Water’s Edge Dental, we are happy to help you restore your implant so you can move on with your life.

Can Implants Be Restored?

Many patients put off seeing a dentist when their implant is in need of repair because they think the only option available is to remove the implant and start over. This is not the case! In fact, our dentists are usually able to fix the specific issue that is in need of repair without actually affecting the implant at all.

What Is Implant Restoration?

It is important to understand that when referring to a dental implant, the term “restoration” is used in conjunction to the false tooth that was affixed to it. Crowns might need repair, for example, as they can break down over time. The same goes for any tooth restoration that is held in place via implants. The actual implant itself – the bit that is inserted into your jaw – remains firmly in place throughout this procedure. It is the tooth restoration that needs to be changed.

How Can You Restore My Implants?

The answer to this largely depends upon what exactly is affecting the restoration in question. The most common issue is that the restoration eventually wears down over the years, much like real teeth. Eventually, it might be so worn down that it no longer provides a proper bite, leading to jaw and tooth pain as well as other issues.

In this instance, the restoration is removed and replaced, leading to a functional bite once again. The process is much the same for an implant that was damaged in some way and is no longer functioning properly. The tooth restoration is removed from the implant, and a new one is created and affixed to it.

Does Dental Implant Restoration Hurt?

Because dental implant surgery can be painful, patients are often concerned with the discomfort they will experience when restoring a crown or other tooth restoration. Dental implant restoration is not painful, and should not deter you from coming in to see us. Remember that the implant stays in place, and the tooth restoration itself is what is replaced. That means that we don’t have to do anything to your jaw or the post of the implant – and the tooth restoration doesn’t have any connection with nerves or anything else that could cause pain.

For more information about dental implant restoration or to have a consultation, contact Water’s Edge Dental today at (208) 391-8554!

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