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Night Guards and Sports Guards
Boise, ID

Dentist in Boise, ID handing patient a custom made mouth guard from Water's Edge DentalIt is important that we protect our teeth, whether we are sleeping, going about our day, or participating in sports. Night guards and sports guards can help to protect our teeth from bruxism (teeth grinding), or from becoming chipped or damaged while participating in athletics.


We can clench or grind our teeth while we are sleeping and be unaware of it. This usually is a result of stress. We may bear down on our teeth during the day as well, and not even be aware that we are doing it. Clenching down and grinding our teeth can cause undue wear, damage, and stress to our teeth, as well as cause pain in our ears, and jaw. People with bruxism often awaken with headaches.

Night Guards

At Water's Edge Dental we recommend our patients with bruxism be fitted for a night guard. A custom made night guard is the best option for protecting your teeth. We will create a mold of your teeth to create a personalized night guard for you, which you will wear every night when you go to sleep. Individuals that clench or grind their teeth can even wear their night guard during the day.

There are also boil and bite night guards and one-size-fits-all night guards available that can be purchased at the grocery store. We recommend customized night guards. Since they are fitted to your particular teeth and mouth, they will fit and protect you better, as well as be longer lasting.

Sports Guards

Contact sports require that you have a mouthguard whenever you are playing. Our dentists recommend that you wear your mouth guard even when you are practicing, as a preventive measure to protect from injury. Many athletes lose their teeth and others even incur other damages by not wearing a mouthguard while playing. Sports in which mouth guards are often recommended include, but are not limited to, football, basketball, baseball, and hockey.

Shock Absorber

A sports guard acts as a shock absorber when someone is playing sports. When there is an impact on your lips, teeth, jaw, or the face, your mouth guard will distribute the force evenly with the mouth guard receiving most of the blow. The sports guard will help in preventing chipped, broken teeth and fractures that are in the jaw area.

Our dentists customize sports guards that are set to fit each individual and ensure that they have a good time playing instead of having the fear of losing or damaging their teeth.

Protecting Those with Braces

If you have braces, you could potentially face more extensive damage if you are not wearing a protective sports guard. Metal braces can tear into soft tissues in your mouth such as your lips, tongue, and gums. This could result in extensive bleeding that would call for immediate medical attention. This can all be avoided with a mouthguard. It will form a protective shield that separates the hard metals of your braces from your soft tissues. Our dentists at our clinic have specialized methods that produce unique mouthguards that can be worn by people that have metal braces.

If you are in need of a night guard for bruxism, or a sports guard for participating in your favorite sports, come see us at to be fitted for your personalized mouthguard. We will fit you for your mouth guard and you will have it back and ready to use within a couple of weeks. Give us a call at (208) 391-8554.

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Preventive dental services stop problems before they occur. That is why we offer our patients custom made night guards and sports guard to help provide protection from sports accidents or nighttime grinding.
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