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How to Keep Waking Up with Caffeine but Without the Dental Stains

Posted on 5/29/2020 by Water's Edge Dental
Do you love coffee? If so, you probably already know that this well-loved beverage can stain your pearly whites. In fact, coffee is one of the most common reasons that people have tooth-staining problems. While a stain may not appear immediately after drinking a cup of coffee, the stains do build up over time. Once they start to emerge, you may find it difficult to remove them. The best way to deal with staining is to work at preventing coffee stains. The following tips will help you get the morning pick-up you need without the dental stains. What to Do Naturally to Prevent Coffee Stains To prevent coffee from staining the teeth, add some milk. The milk provides a layer of protection against coffee's staining acids as well as lightens the hue. The protein in milk binds to the polyphenols in the coffee. Instead of producing stains, the polyphenols move into the digestive tract, where they are quickly broken down. Only milk from an animal, however, will prevent the stains. Soy milk, for instance, does not contain the same type of protein as cow's milk. Also, the higher the content of fat in the cow's milk, the better. You can also drink coffee through a straw to prevent staining. You might try this approach when drinking an iced coffee drink Caffeine Impacts the Effects of Staining Caffeine may pick you up in the morning. However, coffee with more caffeine also produces more staining. That is because the amount of caffeine is related to the number of polyphenols in the coffee. If you drink a coffee with less caffeine, you also will drink a beverage with fewer stain-causing polyphenols. Also, the method of brewing, affects staining. Coffee that is brewed in a percolator will stain the teeth less than coffee brewed in some other ways. However, the best brew method is cold brewing. This technique may take longer, but it will ultimately reduce the chance of staining. As you can see, you can prevent the stains produced by coffee. We also recommend that you brush your teeth if you have to drink coffee with caffeine. If you cannot brush your teeth, at least rinse them with a little plain milk or water. Doing so can remove the residue that attaches to the teeth. Just don't do it right after you drink the brew, as the acids can soften the enamel. If you brush right after your drink coffee, you could damage the enamel. For all your dental needs, we are here to help. Contact us today about scheduling an appointment for a cleaning and consultation....

Dental Hygiene for Toddlers

Posted on 5/15/2020 by Water's Edge Dental
Even though your child's baby teeth will start to fall off after they turn 5, taking care of their hygiene is essential for the health of their adult teeth. If you don't, your child can develop cavities and gum diseases, which can be very painful for them. If you want your child to have good dental hygiene, it is important that you lead by example. Tips for Proper Brushing If you want to make brushing time fun for your child, you can start by introducing fun fruity flavors of toothpaste to them, like strawberry, grape, or watermelon. Tips for Flossing Flossing is an essential part of your child's dental hygiene. It can prevent food being stuck in between the child's teeth that can lead to cavities. Even before your child's teeth start growing next to each other, it is time to start flossing. If you want further guidelines on how to maintain dental hygiene of your preschoolers, schedule an appointment by calling us at (208) 391-8554 today....

Do You Need to Have a Cracked Tooth Extracted?

Posted on 4/20/2020 by Water's Edge Dental
While a cracked tooth cannot be put back together again, it can be repaired or covered so it can still function. It just depends on the severity of the crack. In most cases, we will try to save a cracked tooth instead of extracting it. The following details will give you more insight about this specific dental problem.How Does a Tooth Get Cracked?Usually, when we see a patient with a cracked tooth, he or she has bitten down on something hard. They may also crack a tooth if they grind their teeth at night. Most of the foods that cause cracks include hard candy, nuts, or ice. In some cases, a tooth may become cracked if the patient has been involved in a car accident or they received an injury from a fall or athletic play. Cracks take different forms, as well. For example, craze lines are very tiny cracks in the tooth's enamel. These cracks usually do not require treatment, as they do not cause pain or discomfort. A fracture cusp can emerge around a filling, and may not be painful either. However, a crack that is vertical is another issue.When We Try to Save a Cracked ToothIf the tooth features a vertical crack that has not yet made it to the gum line, we normally can save it. However, if it reaches past that point, we generally need to remove it. Some cracks split the tooth into two parts, which may either lead to extraction or to saving a part of the tooth. If the tooth sustains a root fracture that moves upwards, it normally cannot be saved. If the tooth is useless and will only irritate the gum, we have to remove it. To save a cracked tooth, we can resort to bonding, adding a crown, or performing a root canal. If the tooth's structure, along with its pulp (roots and nerves) are extremely damaged, we usually have to extract it. See us today if you have a chip or crack in a tooth that concerns you. This type of treatment should not wait, as the longer you wait, the worse the problem may become. Make it your goals to follow good routine dental care. Give us a call now to arrange a cleaning and exam....

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