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Clear Aligners for Adults
Boise, ID

Woman putting in clear aligners to straighten her teeth from her Boise dentist at Water's Edge Dental.Our adult patients want their teeth straightened with as little impact on their daily life as possible. The most frequent questions center around how the aligner will impact their day. Patients are concerned with what they will look like when wearing the aligners, and how it will impact their diet and the variety of foods they will be able to eat. Another large concern is the time commitment to the process. If these concerns are causing you hesitation, clear aligners may be right for you.

Why Use Clear Aligners to Straighten Your Teeth?

Orthodontic work done with Dental Aligners provides our patients:
•  Metal Free: Aligners do not not use metal wires or brackets. We can straighten your teeth and close gaps with aligners designed to apply pressure forcing your teeth to move slowly.
•  Discretion: We understand that some of our patients would rather keep their dental work private. Dental aligners are designed to be nearly invisible. Most people you interact with will never know you are wearing a dental device, there is no metal, and no dark colored appliances in your mouth.
•  Eat Your Normal Diet: One of the biggest frustrations that comes with traditional braces is the need to consider the food you eat. Patients with braces are forced to eliminate foods that are crunchy, chewing and sticky. With clear aligners, you can eat your normal diet without concern. You simply remove the aligner while you eat and replace it when you are done. You will never have to worry about food stuck in your brackets or wires because you do not have them.
•  Choosing to Go Without: For the best results, you will be asked to wear your aligner a majority of the time, at least 23 hours a day. However, for those rare moments when you want to look extra special, you have the ability to remove your aligner. Unlike braces, you can take a break, leaving your dental aligner at home. Patients love having the freedom to choose to go without their aligner.
•  Perfect Your Look: Dental aligners allow our patients the opportunity to perfect their look. When used correctly and with diligence, dental aligners can give you straighter teeth, they can close gaps between your teeth, correct overbites, underbites, and even crossbites. We can help you increase your confidence and have that smile that you have always wanted. In a fast paced professional world, a beautiful smile can set you apart in a crowd. Our team at Water's Edge Dental can help you get a great smile.
•  Less Time in the Chair: With clear dental aligners, you can get orthodontic work done without spending considerable time in the dental chair. Once we have created your treatment plan, your job is to wear your aligners, we do not need to see you for tightenings or adjustments. You will simply follow the plan, wearing each aligner for the designated time.
•  Overall Treatment Time Is Less: For patients who wear traditional braces, the average treatment time is two years. For patients who wear clear dental aligners, the average treatment time is under 18 months.

At Water's Edge Dental, Dr. Geoffrey Herzog and understand why so many patients shy away from the idea of traditional metal braces. Braces force a change in lifestyle, while also dramatically altering your look. We also understand that so many of our adult patients would like to get the end results of orthodontic work. With clear dental aligners, we can help you achieve the smile that you want. A beautiful smile can improve your overall confidence, increasing your stance in business and social situations, and you can achieve this look without a mouthful of metal.

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